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Good Food Addict

Specialized Food & Wellness Supplements

Murrumbooee Branded Super Foods

Good Food Addict manufactures 33 condiments from Australian bush foods.

Produce Cultivation & Processing

The company is moving towards the cultivation of Hemp, Moringa and Paulonia.

Organic Fertilizer & Herbicides

As a by-product of cultivation, GFA and its partners develop liquid fertiliser for retail sale.

20 Years of Developing Healthy and Traditional Foods and Wellness Suppliments

Good Food Addict Pty Ltd is a Brisbane-based Australian company incorporated in 1997 which manufactures high-quality gourmet food including Australian and international condiments, Moringa and Hemp infused Health and Wellness products all offered under our Murrumbooee brand.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And We’re Here to Help!

Good Food Addict as our name suggests is not just all about “good food”, but we are focused on foods that provide our customers with a nutritious and healthy alternative to highly processed alternatives. We are not just a food factory, but a “seed to plate” cultivator active in the formulation of everything from the organic fertilizer we use to the growing, preparation, manufacturing, dispatch and delivery of each food or wellness product we supply.

How Can We Help

We have selected two plants which we specialize in cultivating for food and wellness products, Hemp, which we have all heard the benefits of, and the miracle tree, Moringa. We have spend years learning how to infuse the oil, protein and fibre from both these plants into our Murrumbooee branded food. In addition we prepare and powder the Moringa plants into powder to make tablets and gel caps for a complete wellness product customers can take daily.

Seed to Plate Food

Uniquely, we cultivate and produce our food and wellness products.

General Nutrition

We attempt to create and deliver the finest gourmet food infused with Hemp & Moringa.

Vitamins & Supplements

We process the Hemp and Moringa plants into convenient tablets and gel cap supplements.

Weight Loss

Using our wellness products in a rounded diet can help maintain a healthy weight and vitality.

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be

We produce a number of export-quality gourmet condiments. We have spent many years modifying these traditional condiments into nutritious delights which not only taste great but are good for you. To supplement the condiments we use every day, we process the Hemp and Moringa plants we cultivate into protein powder which contains an Omega range of fatty acids, and cancer-preventing antioxidants. We call this, Keto-Tucker….

About Murrumbooee

Bush Tucker & Bush Remedies

Murrumbooee — Australian Aboriginal word for cascading water from the ancient Dreamtime.

Murrumbooee Wellness is the company’s unique brand under which it currently offers traditional Australian Bush Tucker (food) using This distinctive brand continues the ancient Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime traditions of natural herbal remedies and bush foods for better health and general wellness.

Murrumbooee is a waterfall located in the Gibraltar National Park in Australia and is surrounded by the Kamilaroi Aboriginal Tribe

Our Foods

We grow and manufacture a range of export-quality condiments.

  • Pickles & Chutneys
  • Sauces
  • Jams & Cordials
  • Salt & Pepper Dry Mixes

Using a range of our own organic fertilizers we produce under the Murrumbooee brand, Supplements made from our cultivated Moringa and Hemp, protein, oil, and seeds.

Our Processes

We are not contract manufacturers, we manufacture our condiment product range in-house and control all ingredients and the cooking or preparation process.

Our Murrumbooee branded condiment range spans some, 33 condiments with ingredients sourced from native plants, fruits, and spices. Except for some peppers and Indian spices, our Bush Tucker additives are Finger Limes, Bush Tomatoes, Dorigo Pepper, Davidson Plum, and other traditional bush food.

Our Cultivations

We have a strong “seed to plate” philosophy and we specialize in the cultivation technology behind the infusion of both Hemp and Morning additives. 

 Hemp is well known for its health benefits and its sister plant-produced CBD for medical use. We use Hemp for food infusion via seed and oil extraction.

 Moringa has important vitamins and minerals. High levels of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids.

For Farmers, We’ve Developed Fodder Solutions & Production Methods For Animal Food & Nutrition

The company has ridden the Hemp Seed wave starting in 2016. After time trying to infuse Hemp into our Murrumbooee branded foods unsuccessfully, we have spent the last years developing food and wellness solutions using the Moringa Plant.

Unlike Hemp, Moringa provides us with fine Oil, Powder from dried leaf and Protein Meal fron the plants trim for Animal Fodder.

Your Health & Wellness

Hemp Infused Food & Supplements

Moringa Cultivation & Products

Organic Fertilizer & Herbicides

Contact Us Today

You can join our business as a Member and learn much, much more about the plants we manufacture our Wellness Supplements and Food products from. For more information message us below…..

“My family has a strong horticultural and agricultural background with strong development of essential oils (eucalyptus) in Australia. As Managing Director, my interest in our GFA and Murumbooee branded products is for human health, wellness, and the preservation of Australian Bush Tucker or food and Bush Remedies for ongoing wellness.”

Gregory P. E. Hannan

Our Newsletter on The Use Of Our Wellness Products, Quick, Healthy Cooking, and Aussie Lifestyle

By joining as a Member we will provide you with a subscription to our Newsletter which is of interest to those looking for gourmet condiments, and wellness supplements for cooking enhancement and lifestyle. Some topics include:-

Murrumbooee Bush Tucker Food Products

Good Food Addict Health & Wellness Products

Australian liquid Fertilizer & Animal Fodder

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What does Good Food Addict do?

The company GFA, was incorporated in 1998 and has conducted a number of synergistic business activities since then. Human food has been the primary focus and in recent years the company has ventured into Human wellness supplements.  GFA is a corporate vehicle for housing a number of registered Australian businesses. Murrumbooee would be one such business.

What is Murrumbooee?

In 2017, Good Food Addict Pty Ltd acquired a business called Murrumbooee Australian and International Condiments. In its own right Murrumbooee holds and Australian Business Number (ABN) linked to GFA and operates the food manufacturing division of the GFA group of businesses.

What human wellness products is GFA involved within?

GFA has significant interests in the propagation and cultivation of Hemp and Moringa. Both of these plants have similar characteristics, however Moringa has less governance and stigma than Hemp. We powder parts of these plants and extract oil via cold pressing which we infuse into Murrumbooee branded food products, sell the powder and oil separately as well.

Does GFA attract Investors or Members?

The Good Food Addict Pty Ltd accommodates equity by way of Ordinary Shares for qualified Investors. I addition, the company operates a Direct Selling model for active Members to introduce new customers and attract a commission for doing so.

Can GFA or Murrumbooee Food or Products be exported?

Yes, since 2015 Murrumbooee has been exporting its condiments to the USA via FDA compliant import processes and compliance in Australia. Other markets are being researched in Asia, the Sub-continent and Europe.

How can GFA and Murrumbooee products be purchased?

Since 2018 Murrumbooee products are only available online and more recently due to Corvid 19 compliance. Some 400 Retailers are in the Murrumbooee database as Stockists and we are moving to resupply them by the end of 2021.

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