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Good Food Addict Pty Ltd manages a number of  Business Silos developing food and wellness suppliments

Murrumbooee – Australian aboriginal for cascading water.
Murrumbooee is a lovely cascading water way and is highly regarded by the local Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years for its magical and soothing properties. This pristine water area is near Grafton in Northern NSW Australia. In this magical place my husband and I found growing naturally; lemon myrtle trees, Bay trees and an array of fragrant herbs. That was the beginning of our 10 year journey in developing exquisite flavours and recipes making delicious condiments for family, friends and our newer friends in the retail sector.


Aussie Bush Tucker

Murrumbooee manufactures 33 condiments, salt and pepper mixes, sauces and cordials. These export quality products are made from Australian bush ingrediants such as Finger Limes, Bush Tomatoes, Dorago Peppers and Davidson Plum, to mention a few.


Organic Fertilizer

Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd manufactures a range od Bio Stimulents for to production of Liquid Fertilizer and Organic Herbicides. Animal Fodder is produced with the equipment use for this purpose.


Wellness Suppliments

Good Food Addict Ptyy Ltd designs and develops human and animal health and wellness suppliments using plants such as Hemp and Moringa. These powder and oil extracts are used in the production of food and direct sale.

Real Results From Real Food

Natural Food & Wellness Supplements for Your Specific Goals

The Murrumbooee brand is of great importance for Good Food Addict, as we are now able to use this unique and identifiable brand across many of our new product ranges designed for specific vertical markets. The naming of our brand provides both creditability and an exciting heritage dating back 20,000 years. Murrumbooee is an actual place in Australia and means “Cascading Water”, to describe a waterfall which has great meaning for the Aboriginal Tribe that surrounds this sacred place.


Average Weight Loss


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Maintained Weight Loss


Gained Post 5–15lbs

Our Story

Murrumbooee – 60,000 Years of Bush Tucker & Remedies

The Murrumbooee business has now been acquired by the Hop2it Technology Unit Trust for the purposes of expanding it globally from its current sales to over 400 retailers by adding new products such as Murrumbooee Infant Formula, special “hemp” based clothing, a surf wear, Coffee, Wine and even a women’s and men’s skin care range

Our Traditional Bush Foods

Our first success was our Australian Bush Salt and Pepper Mix an exquisite multi-layered aromatic heat and flavour mix. This was quickly followed when we had an abundance of citrus to experiment with and the Three Citrus Marmalade was born. They made great Christmas gifts that year. Our products are intended to enhance all meats, curries, cheeses, to flavour dips, pizzas or pies. Their usage is only limited by the imagination.

Unique Wellness Products

Being in the food industry growing chemical free produce for the Australian market, we started using our produce and other high quality local produce to launch our range of unique and delicious
Murrumbooee products. We are passionate about our range, always developing as we find other exotic flavours to marry with beautiful fruits and vegetables.

In 2018 we spent the year with contracted expertise to infuse Murrumbooee products with both, Hemp and Morings bi-products, creating a new range of human wellness products.

“we have spent significant time and financial resourses in acquiring and developing the Murrumbooee Food business and expanding it into the health and wellness sector. As the Managing Director of Good Food Addict Pty Ltd, I am proud and excited to watch our people provide leading edge healthy food and wellness products. 

Gregory Hannan

Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn Our Food & Wellness Products Work!

What does Good Food Addict do?

The company GFA, was incorporated in 1998 and has conducted a number of synergistic business activities since then. Human food has been the primary focus and in recent years the company has ventured into Human wellness supplements.  GFA is a corporate vehicle for housing a number of registered Australian businesses. Murrumbooee would be one such business.

What is Murrumbooee?

In 2017, Good Food Addict Pty Ltd acquired a business called Murrumbooee Australian and International Condiments. In its own right Murrumbooee holds and Australian Business Number (ABN) linked to GFA and operates the food manufacturing division of the GFA group of businesses.

What human wellness products is GFA involved within?

GFA has significant interests in the propagation and cultivation of Hemp and Moringa. Both of these plants have similar characteristics, however Moringa has less governance and stigma than Hemp. We powder parts of these plants and extract oil via cold pressing which we infuse into Murrumbooee branded food products, sell the powder and oil separately as well.

Does GFA attract Investors or Members?

The Good Food Addict Pty Ltd accommodates equity by way of Ordinary Shares for qualified Investors. I addition, the company operates a Direct Selling model for active Members to introduce new customers and attract a commission for doing so.

Can GFA or Murrumbooee Food or Products be exported?

Yes, since 2015 Murrumbooee has been exporting its condiments to the USA via FDA compliant import processes and compliance in Australia. Other markets are being researched in Asia, the Sub-continent and Europe.

How can GFA and Murrumbooee products be purchased?

Since 2018 Murrumbooee products are only available online and more recently due to Corvid 19 compliance. Some 400 Retailers are in the Murrumbooee database as Stockists and we are moving to resupply them by the end of 2021.

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